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Never Saw You Coming 


Rated 5 Stars Based on 20+ Amazon Reviews!

A Trilogy of Romantic Thriller Novellas by KLS Fuerte


KLS Fuerte's Second Book Launch

KLS Fuerte, author of the romantic thriller NEVER SAW YOU COMING, presents the long-awaited sequel: NOW, LIVE WITH THAT! Meet the author!

Out Now!
Now Live with That!

Published 22nd July 2022

Now, Live With That! takes Beatrice and Edward into more unpredictable crises merging with emotions and passions. The story will shake all your senses and core, and tension and suspense abound. 


Beatrice’s search for real love drives her into Lawrence’s charm. In Now, Live With That! will Beatrice and her love embark on a new journey of romance? How far will Beatrice go for love - or lust? 
Their tumultuous lives are about to veer into a myriad of directions they never thought they would take. What choices will they make? Now, Live With That! is a story about love and all its unforeseeable tornados. You'll be left thirsty for the final instalment of the Never Saw You Coming Trilogy.

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Never Saw You Coming 

2nd Edition Published

Dec 2021 

Never Saw You Coming is a gripping romantic love story between Beatrice and Edward. What are the unthinkable consequences when they taste the forbidden fruit of love?


Set in London, Paris and the Caribbean Island of Martinique, Never Saw You Coming is romantic love with the fast rhythm of twists and turns where love, danger and death all merge together.  


Beatrice, our Afro-Caribbean heroine, thriving to live with love, will be so pushed to her limit, but will she break? Edward, her bright and handsome Caucasian English partner, is the source of their downfall, but why? Can their romance survive? 

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What Readers Say:


Readers give Never Saw you coming

5 Stars Based on 20+ Amazon Reviews!

'such a raw and true account of how we might all hold onto toxic relationships until we really see the light'

Emma Hillman 

Will S

I couldn’t put the book down - I was enthralled from start to finish.

Collette Farley

'A really great story.
Every woman can identify herself with some scenes of this captivating story.'


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