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Bonjour, Come and meet me!

​KLS Fuerte, Author of Romantic Fiction

I am KLS Fuerte, a name I created when I reinvented myself as a writer! 

K is for Kiki, that's me, this is how my friends and family call me. L is for London and S is for the initials of my children. Then the children and I, together we are "Fuerte" which means "Strong" in Spanish because I love languages. I am a language teacher and I speak English, French, Creole & Spanish!

I'm a French and Creole native speaker and love writing in English. I actually love writing about love, but love caught in suspense.  To me, love is a passionate red rose on a black stem full of spikes. They are the obstacles to cross before you reach the red rose of bliss, but you might lose a few petals on the way...


Still, love is love! I love red roses, and not just for Valentine's! My romantic thriller novels form a trilogy around Beatrice, the purest romantic soul you’ll ever meet. But love changes and so does she. 

I was born and raised in Guadeloupe, that's my paradise! I studied English and American Literature at The Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, I was a good student and achieved a Master's Degree in American Literature. Later, at Oxford University, I graduated as a modern languages teacher. But, writing books filled with romance and excitement has always been on my mind. 

​After my first novel: Never Saw You Coming. I put all of my creative energy into my second book, Now, Live With That! is the sequel of the trilogy with which I have had even more fun writing and playing around the fictitious characters of Edward and Beatrice. Love, passion, lust, betrayal and shock are tightly entwined together. Hope that you are ready to join me in this roller-coaster of emotions and thrill on love!

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