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Book number 2
Done and Out! 
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Project:  Editing Book no 2 Update 10/3/22 

What a satisfying feeling to finish writing the sequel to Never Saw You Coming. In this second book of the trilogy, called Now, live with that! The romantic thriller moves to another level with more twists and tragedies in the lives of the main characters. Beatrice discovers another king of romance, another kind of love, and lust. She meets Lawrence, shall I say, “in more depth”? In the writing process, I changed the ending at least three times, and it might change again with the editing. I have "reduced the cast" and introduced some mean characters to add more tension and uncertainty to the plot. Beatrice gets into so much trouble, she will make you tense and cry. Edward’s obsessions will flirt with insanity. I have loved every moment of that writing journey. The editing part is not my favourite though, but it's so important; skipping that would be a writer's sin! I can't wait to release the sequel out to the world. You will die for the final part of the trilogy, I’m writing it right now… Let’s keep the best for last! 

Project: Writing Book no 3
Update 3/4/21  

The third book of the trilogy of this romantic thriller saga will see Beatrice’s love story and passion flourish, but for how long and with whom? What happens to Edward and Lawrence, who lives, who dies? The final book will see those two men at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to devoted love, with Beatrice in the centre. She will have been through so much heartache and one will wonder how can she or will she survive? The book does not have a title, or an ending for the finale of the trilogy yet, but for sure, Beatrice, our heroine has to be a survivor. She is a strong woman who despite all the red flags and trauma she will have been through, will survive, but she will surprise all of us, in a true KLS Fuerte’s fashion for love, hope and resilience. There is a Beatrice in every woman, there is a fighter in every woman. 

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© 2020 myMSteam

Planning Book no 4: “Me, myself, and my MS. A neurological journey of self-discovery”

My fourth book will be very close to my heart, and my health. It will not be a self-help book, but a collection of short stories around my MS, my Multiple Sclerosis neurological condition and the collection of symptoms boxes I can tick and trick. This book will be a voyage through new personal discoveries, challenges and little wins. I have decided to call my MS “Lady Patsy” because my symptoms are very patchy, especially since my spinal relapse of 1st January 2022. Lady Patsy is very whimsical Lady, she comes and goes as she pleases and likes causing havoc on me. But I always win, and she knows that! So we fight! 

Written By KLS Fuerte copyright

29th March 2022  The March Stanger 

Long night ahead? Ok, I'll write a story here then.... Something incredible happened in the infusion lounge in hospital today... I was reading my book when this young chap entered on his trendy red mobility scooter. He was not 20, he was wearing a mask, I could only see his clever eyes. I was seating on the chair opposite him, so I waved "Hello" to him, quietly and he waved back smiling through his brown eyes. I was impressed by his scooter so I gave him the thumb up pointing at it. He then tapped on his leg, clearly indicating that his legs were the problem, and then kindly touched his scooter which was his solution. So, encouraged to share, I tapped on my legs too, as my problem and pointed at my stick, as my solution. We were basically having a great silent conversation, with some movements. The nurse raised her head wondering what was happening behind her back. I hurried to tell her: "We are communicating", she carried on, head down on her computer work.

The young chap then asked me if I had MS for a "short or long period". He had his since 2016. I told him that mine was diagnosed in 2015.

Suddenly, he mimed the question "Can we exchange numbers?" I happily nodded, how could I say "no" ? Not possible! So he started to fiddle through his pocket to search for something to write on, I looked for my little writer's note book, which by the way is always in my handbag to "catch up stories to tell", just like the one I'm telling you now.

As I opened a blank page, I asked for his name. He told me he was Toby, which I wrote then he gave me his phone number. I could hear that he had difficulties speaking fluently, his speech was truncated That can be caused by MS too. So I patiently wrote his number and asked him to check. It was all good. When it came to my turn, I gave him one of my KLS Fuerte Author business cards from my bag, that was quicker. He looked at it and smiled, surprised.

The truth about this short connection with Toby, was that he caught my attention because he reminded me of the young MS chap I'd helped in the MS Blood test waiting room back in February 2021. He was in a wheelchair and his papers had fallen on the floor, I naturally leaped off my chair to collect them for him. This young man was a "big step" for me. Let me explain why: Since diagnosed with MS, I always avoided making any connections with people in wheelchairs, especially when I walked into the neuro hospital, where a lot of wheelchair users have their MS check ups, just like me, but I would not make eye contact with them. That was because of my inner fear of ending up in a wheelchair myself one day... Silly, and shameful, isn't it? Well, back in February 2021, when I helped this young man, my fear just vanished! I felt so good, lifted up.

Since January 2022, because of my spinal relapse which makes it difficult for me to walk long distances, I use a wheelchair, and THAT'S OKAY! I'm not scared anymore! MS, I win again!

So today, as Toby entered, I thought that he was the February stranger in the waiting room... I did not have the time to ask him as the nurse took over. Maybe I will, if he contacts me one day.

So, that little story, that little gem of happiness, will appear in my 4th book about MS !!!

And I'll write about my needles, tubes, bags and EXPENSIVE bottles of medicine too !!!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this story. I enjoyed writing it, capturing this little gem of MS. happiness.

1:06am, still wide awake. Going to read. Good night or good day, depending where you are on the planet!

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