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Never Saw You Coming

Amazon - Rashmi Kesharwani - June 2023

"Never Saw You Coming" is a captivating and thought-provoking literary work that engrosses the reader from beginning to end. It delves into a subject matter that resonates with the experiences of many women. The protagonist, Beatrice, is a highly relatable character who finds herself entangled in a harrowing and unimaginable predicament, necessitating her determination to extricate herself. The author, KLS Fuerte, skillfully navigates this complex situation, leaving readers eager for a sequel to witness the resolution.

This exquisitely crafted narrative portrays the journey of a woman who repeatedly granted her beloved partner numerous opportunities, only to be repeatedly disappointed. While my instincts urged her to leave the individual who subjected her to such hardships, I was not surprised to witness her steadfast commitment despite his continual acts of betrayal and self-centered behavior. "Never Saw You Coming" will undoubtedly captivate readers with an interest in stories of profound and selfless love.

Amazon - Ester Holman - February 2022

I loved to read this book and I'm curious what will happen next in this intriguing story of Beatrice and Edward. When you start to read you don't want to put the book down.
....eagerly waiting for the sequel!...

Amazon - Collette Farley - October 2021

I couldn’t put the book down - I was enthralled from start to finish.

Amazon - Ghislaine  G - January 2021

Beatrice is a lot of us. I have witnessed family members going through this story and the book helped my understanding of various type of love. Where will the sequel take Beatrice!?

Amazon - Amina - December 2020

This is a beautifully written story of a woman who gave the man she loved too many chances only to be let down time again. I found myself shouting at her to leave the bastard for what he put her through but wasn't surprised to see her stick with him despite all his repeated betrayal and selfish behaviour.
This book will appeal to anyone who is interested in stories of selfless love

Amaon - Amazon Customer -December 2020

Never Saw You Coming is an interesting, compelling read that is hard to put down. It is a subject matter that most women have been touched by in one way or another. Very likeable, Beatrice, the main character, has been caught in a fearful and unimaginable dilemma from which she must extricate herself. I am hoping for the sequel soon so that I know how our author, KLS Fuerte, resolves this situation.

Amazon - Pamela R. Haynes, author - November 2020

I am reading this book for the second time. It never cease to be amazed about how domestic abuse manifests itself in intimate relationships. Kls has managed to skillfully weave manipulation, loss of trust, adultery, emotional abuse, professional jealously and mental health issues into an unbelievable tale which leaves the reader on a cliffhanger. Just as you think this story cannot get any worse; it does. I love the author's chosen writing style also. It reads as a journal with times and dates and includes emails between the main protagonist Beatrice and her sister in law. I also love that the story is set in the UK with settings and places readers in the UK will be familiar with. Looking forward to part two.

Amazon - Cottan Gaëlle - July 2020

Fantastic read! I couldn’t put it down. Please KLS Fuerte, tell us when the sequel is coming out!!!!

Amazon - P Flint - July 2020

This book kept me enthralled over a weekend of travelling and being away. Love story full of twists and a captivating style of writing. Waiting for the next...

Amazon - Mrs H - July 2020

I was so engrossed in their story I need part 2 to come out! I was there the whole way through living the story with Beatrice... Such an addictive read! My first love novel and I did love it!

Amazon - Christiane M - April 2019 

What a compelling read I could not put it down and was totally absorbed in the story. I wanted to know more and more of what is going to happen to Beatrice and what Choices she is going to make. So I was like oh no this is the end I want to know the continuation! I am eagerly awaiting part two . One can truly identify with her . Beautifully written, highly recommend it .

Amazon - Dr Marina N - October 2018

Never saw you coming' captured my attention for a whole afternoon, and after a long week, I felt that fiction could be a real treat! Interviewing the Author, the beautiful Kiki, really helped me understand Beatrice- the main character, beyond the layers of nativity and fairy tale fragrances and how much more there is to this story.
Knowing the story behind this book, makes it even more captivating, as I discovered that this fictional story line could be the very fabric of the day to day life of any young-beautiful -hopeless- romantic- modern- next-door-girl.
As I learned from interviewing this extraordinary talented young author, Kiki's reality is no alien to it all - which makes this book an interesting, must read, hybrid- love story.
I can't wait to see this book series turned into a good movie! Escaping for few hours never hurt anyone!

Amazon - Jake M - August 2018

Compelling read! Couldn't stop turning the pages. 'Never Saw You Coming' perfectly captures the emotions and complexities involved in a relationship that takes a turn for the worse.

Amazon - Sunshine - April 2018

Kls Fuerte is a talented author. I recently re-read her fabulous book 'Never Saw You Coming' and found it even more awe-inspiring, so many new twists and turns I had not noticed before, it is a book that no matter how many times you read it, you'll never get bored but just be wowed by Kls' vivid imagination and high quality writing. Her ability to pull you into the story and creating such vivid characters, the plot, the whole story is wonderful. Love stories are an important part of our lives and they come with their own twists and turns. Kls has been able to create something beautiful out of adversity, I can't say too much you have to buy the book to understand what I mean. If you love books, if you love love-stories you must make this part of your collection.

Amazon - Amazon Customer - April 2018

5/5. Simply outstanding and breath taking. Impossible to put down. Incredible story from a strong and courageous author!! can’t wait for the next book.

5 Stars

Good Reads - Sophie P - April 2018

How hard it is to put it down!! Something always happens to keep you hooked! and the final twist at the end that makes you want to read the sequel asap!! Please hurry!!


Amazon - LilMau - April 2018

A really great story.
Every woman can identify herself with some scenes of this captivating story.
Beatrice, the main character is so lovable. Hope to read more about her.

Amazon - Karine - February 2018

Once you started, you dont want to put it down ! Can't wait for the second : )))))


Amazon - NatrueWise Customer Care - February 2018

A story about Beatrice who came to Europe to find her life and when you think that everything is going to be just takes its turn and you just wonder what will happen to the main protagonist. Can't wait to see what KLS Fuerte does with her characters in the 2nd book. Good read, great for a plane journey :)

Amazon - Marie-Lorraine C - December 2017

I really enjoyed the read., I could not put it down,KLS Fuerte's style is fluid, each word resonate , you can feel her pain and anger. Unfortunately it depicts too common a situation. A strong and emotional story. I am looking forward to reading more from the writer.

Amazon - Line B - December 2017

I found the book really captivating. The more I read , the more I wanted to know about the story.Whenever I put it down, to cook, clean or do other house suff, I kept thinking about the book and could not wait to return to it. I look forward to the sequel.

Amazon - JAB - November 2017

Enjoyed the read from a Male perspective.
KLS Fuente highlights the peaks and troughs of a modern relationship with wants and dislikes that take many twists and turns.
There should surely be a sequel to venture deeper into this troubled couples world.
Very impressive for a first novel.

5 Stars

I love this book!!! It's intriguing romantic challenging and gripping. I put it down remembering I have family lol. The characters are so believable and I can relate alot to them feeling Empathy as their story continues. Thank you Kls for a beautiful read.

5 Stars

Good Reads - Romana - October 2017

This is a great story about a girl who comes to a new country decides to start a new life, falls in love and is challenged by life. She's trying to live by the rule and fit the society but is left down by the closest. The main character is a woman that we all know or least have met somewhere. A kind person, who keeps what's going on at home behind a gentle and kind smile. You'll like Beatrice, and you might even feel sorry for her just until the end....and afterwards, you'll want to know more.
I recommend this book, especially if you travelling. The story is very captivating and the author knows how to catch a reader. So, easy read, emotional story and 5 strs from me.


Now, Live With That!

Loved this book!

Sophie R, English teacher, Fb fan since Bk1

After the way “Never Saw You Coming” ended, of course I wanted to see what was going to happen to Beatrice. Last thing you read she was in prison […]

I find the sequel almost better than the first book mostly because I felt that Beatrice was really taking charge and facing everything which was thrown at her and tones were thrown at her. 

I also loved this book because it tells the story of a strong woman who never gives up. I have to say my favourite part is the end because it was sooooo unexpected. I do believe that we haven’t seen the last of KLS Fuerte as a successful author. Thanks for the books and for entertaining me so. 

Hurry up with the next installment KLS Fuerte!!

Paula Flint – Author ‘What If Trees Have Souls' - October 2021

“The author has captured the heart and soul of Beatrice, the main character, and leaves you experiencing the raw emotion of her trials and tribulations. With twists and turns, the book follows the unwinding events of the relationship between Beatrice and Edward lending insights into the mental turmoil of both parties. The story builds cleverly giving a gripping notion of impending doom and empathy for all involved. A story of love, intrigue and resilience. Hurry up with the next instalment KLS Fuerte!!”

Review of Now Live With That! by KLS Fuerte

Pamela R. Haynes - Author "Loving the Brothers" - September 2021

I am grateful to the Author for sending me an Advanced Reader Copy of her book Now Live With That!


From the outset I want to say I am a huge fan of the Author’s debut novel, Never Saw You Coming, so I have been eagerly waiting for part two of the series. The author left the reader on a monumental cliff-hanger, which left me worried for the main protagonist, Beatrice. The prologue is helpful in launching the reader back into the story just where the first book ended. I like the diary entry style of writing and the local London feel to the book as the author describes places in London, Brighton and Paris. The author adds a splash of ‘Caribbeaness’ giving the book an international feel, a nod to the author’s Guadeloupean roots. The story takes place, in the main, in three short months between October and December 2004. I am impressed by the Author’s attention to detail; the way she describes the processes followed by the police and accuracy of the role of social services and their protocols. The author has certainly done her research. I am invested in Beatrice’s new blossoming relationship, even though it is with a married man. I can easily understand how their relationship came about. In my opinion, Beatrice deserves a little bit of happiness, however short-lived. As Edward's behaviour spirals out of control, everything is heading to disaster by the end of the book, yet still shocks the reader to the core. Is there a part 3 to this story and when is it coming?

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